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Life in medicine necessitates a LOT of moving: moving for school, moving for residency, moving for a new job, moving to be closer to the kids, moving across country, moving across town, moving up, moving over, moving out, moving on, moving mountains! In many ways, physician families never STOP moving, literally and figuratively, from that first day in medical school right up to that adorable downsized cottage on the beach. 

As physician families move through the stages of life in medicine, they may actually MOVE from place to place…but sometimes, the transitions are academic, emotional, even spiritual. Regardless of whether such moves are physically taxing, requiring boxes, packing tape and a panel truck - or stress-inducing, requiring enhanced ability to adapt to a new situation - they’re all REAL and we need coping mechanisms so we can move through them and….move ON. 

This issue of Physician Family/Alliance in Motion Magazine shares advice on how to handle the many transitions in your personal #JourneyofMedicine. This issue of Alliance in Motion Magazine, now included as a bonus, focuses on the many ways Alliance members at the national, state and county levels help to move medicine and improve communities. 

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 Physician Family/Alliance in Motion Magazine is published by the American Medical Association Alliance, the nation’s largest network of physician families, connecting physician families for healthier communities since 1922. AMA Alliance members receive hard copies in the mail as a member benefit! Joining is easy.

Here at Physician Family Magazine, we “get it.” Each issue focuses on a relevant theme, covering the issues and challenges faced by physician families, with special emphasis on the four stages of life in medicine – medical school, residency and fellowship (aka “the training years,”) active practice and retirement. 

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Donna Baver Rovito, Editor