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Welcome to the Fall 2023 issue of Physician Family Alliance in Motion Magazine!

Co-Editor Donna Rovito says, "You’ll be seeing a lot of AMA Alliance President Racheal Kunesh’s Be a Catalyst theme this year, and we’re excited to present our first catalyst themed issue: Be a Catalyst for Growth. Winter 2024 will be Be a Catalyst for Change and Spring/Summer 2024 will focus on Be a Catalyst for Good. You'll also see a lot of social media focused on how physician families are catalysts for good in their communities."
Co-editor Sheridan Sheffield notes: "Many times, growth is uncomfortable and tough, but it is what makes us stronger. I was reminded of this while on a hike recently in the mountains above my house. As we ascended above the tree line, a flower was blooming through the cracks of a rock. I couldn’t help but marvel at the tenacity of that seed to take root wherever it could, even if it was in a place that was not very inviting. That little flower gave a bright splash of color in an otherwise rocky gray landscape. As humans we can do the same! Despite hardships and trials, we can bloom where we fall and brighten the world around us. We can be a catalyst for others when their world seems gray."
AMA Alliance President Racheal Kunesh says, "Let’s not just adapt, but flourish by harnessing our collective power to grow stronger and be more impactful in our spheres of influence. Together, let’s 'Be a Catalyst!'" President-elect Pat Klettke adds: "Life is all about growth, visible and invisible, planned and unplanned, expected and surprising. Keep looking for that right spot, prepare the soil, get the right amount of sunshine, rain and nutrients. Help each other in that journey."
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