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This Fall 2018 issue of Physician Family Magazine focuses on resilience which can make physician families less likely to suffer the stress and burnout that impacts the family of medicine every day. That’s why we’ve devoted this issue to resilience and mindfulness. But even after the physicians in our families have developed personal resilience – which most of them developed as part and parcel of becoming physicians in the first place – external forces can sneak in to suck the joy out of medicine and add even more stress.

Research shows that “gaps in organizational structure and lack of system resiliency” cause 80% of physician burnout, while only 20% can be attributed to lack of personal resilience. In two separate articles, a physician thought-leader and some of the nation’s premiere resilience trainers and researchers offer “evidence-based resilience strategies and tactics” to improve external drivers of stress and burnout. A recently retired physician wellness specialist adds valuable suggestions for how to nurture the spirit of a healer. Several physician families share personal stories coupled with their own tips on how to become more resilient in their professional and personal lives - and there's lots more! 

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Each issue of Physician Family features focuses on issues and challenges faced by medical families, with special emphasis on the four stages of medical life – medical school, residency and fellowship, active practice and retirement. 

Other articles focus on:

• relationships
• health and wellness
• work/life balance
• financial and legal issues
• making a difference 
• food, travel, humor
• and much more!

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