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A life in medicine is a journey. Having someone with whom to share that journey can make it SO much better – but it can be difficult to maintain loving connections while navigating the twists and turns of your Journey of Medicine. The Winter 2019 issue of Physician Family Magazine “Together in Medicine: Training, Trenches and Triumph” provides both professional advice and personal insight on how to preserve those all-important loving connections with our life partners - in spite of the demands medicine places on both of you. 

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Winter 2018 Issue of Physician Family - Medical Marriage - Browse Online

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Each issue of Physician Family features focuses on issues and challenges faced by medical families, with special emphasis on the four stages of medical life – medical school, residency and fellowship, active practice and retirement. 

Other articles focus on:

• relationships
• health and wellness
• work/life balance
• financial and legal issues
• making a difference 
• food, travel, humor
• and much more!

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