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Physician Family Magazine Team
Editor: Donna Baver Rovito
Blog Editor: Sarah Smith Johnson
Editorial Advisor: Pat Klettke 

Editorial Board:

Julie Newman, AMA Alliance President 2015-16

Rosemary Xavier, AMA Alliance President 2016-17

Debbi Ricks, AMA Alliance External Communications Director 2015-16

Patricia Troy, CAE, AMA Alliance Executive Director

Advisory Committee:

Matthew Balazik

Janet Meyers Bausch, Esq.

Jillian Robertson

Julia Sotile, MSW, LCSW

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Physician Family is a unique quarterly publication to be presented in a flipbook format on a digital publishing platform which can include embedded video and audio, as well as live links to additional resources. Additionally, Physician Family is mailed quarterly to members of the AMA Alliance, the nation’s largest network of physician families.

“Our potential readership is the family of every M.D. and D.O. with access to the Internet,” says Editor Donna Baver Rovito. With 850,000 physicians in the United States and an additional 75,000 in Canada, that’s almost a million potential readers.

Physician Family addresses the issues facing medical families of all ages and provides information and support for those who’ve chosen to spend our lives with a physician,” says Rovito.  

In addition to the quarterly digital and print publication, advertising opportunities are also available on the popular Physician Family website and weekly blog.

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