Physician Family Magazine articles:

Food Solutions – Tamale Inspired Cozy Casserole
by Juliette Goodwin
In the mood for something cozy and different for dinner? Check out the Spring 2015 Food Solutions section of Physician Family for a yummy Mexican-inspired casserole!

Food Solutions  Comfort Food from Your Crock Pot
Many of us are coping with COLD winter weather – nothing is more comforting on a cold winter day than a piping hot meal from your crock pot. Here are three terrific recipes from Physician Family’s Winter 2015 issue.

Food Solutions – One Pot Meals
Much of the country is REALLY COLD right now – it’s perfect weather to make something warm and comforting. The Fall issue of Physician Family featured several delicious one-pot meals – check them out!

Food Solutions – Making Mealtime Manageable
By Angela Hummel
Food Solutions – Making Mealtime Manageable for Busy Medical Families in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY!

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