Physician Family Media

If there’s a doctor in your family, you’ve probably asked one or more of these questions: 

How do we handle our huge medical school debt? 

How do I explain why Mommy/Daddy can’t make it to school events? 

How should I handle people who think we’ve “got it made” because I’m married to a doctor? 

What should we look for in a contract? 

What happens if he/she gets sued? 

How do we keep our relationship healthy when we hardly ever see each other? 

What about financial planning? 

My physician spouse just retired – now what?

Families of physicians face unique challenges that people who don’t share life with a doctor don’t fully comprehend.

Physician Family was created by the AMA Alliance to help the organization fulfill its mission to support the families of M.D.’s and D.O.’s in all specialties and stages of life. AMA Alliance members receive Physician Family in the mail as an exclusive member benefit.

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The digital flipbook is available free to all.

Physician Family is published quarterly, with an affiliated website, weekly blog and active social media presence. Our potential readership is the family of every M.D. and D.O. with access to the Internet. 

While the AMA Alliance’s other publications, Alliance in Motion and Alliance LINK, focus on the organization’s activities and members, Physician Family is intended for both members and non-members.

Physician Family Editor, Donna Baver Rovito, is a Penn State trained print and broadcast journalist with decades of writing and editing experience. Her work has been featured in a wide variety of local, regional, and national publications. She resides in Pennsylvania with surgeon husband Peter F. Rovito, MD and sons Peter and Tony.

Members of physician families who are interested in submitting articles, pictures, videos, or providing professional expertise for Physician Family may contact Donna Rovito at [email protected].