Physician Family Magazine articles:

Communicating Your Wishes About End-of-Life Health Care Planning: A Primer
by Jessie Martine Smith Nibley, Esquire
Sometimes we need to communicate things to our loved ones which make us uncomfortable – this is especially true about what we’d like them to do if something happens to us. This outstanding primer about end of life health care wishes was written by a Philadelphia area attorney who’s also married to a physician.

A Topic We Don’t Like to Think About But Should – Physician Disability
By Daryl Huber
More excellent information from the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family.

Six Tips for Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance
By Nathan Sanow
Here’s another topic physician families don’t especially like to think about, but one which is important, especially to families in active practice or those who have recently retired, from the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family.

Significant Other Organizations - A Much Needed Resource for Medical Families
By Vina Lybbert
Significant Other Organizations – Valuable resource for ‪‎medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

How to Network with the American Medical Association Alliance
By Julie Newman
How to Network with ‪AMA Alliance and other medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

Top Ten Ways to Cope with Physician Retirement
Doctors retire? Yes, they do, and here are the Top 10 ways to cope with ‎Physician Retirement in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY!

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