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You Have Questions – We Have Answers!
Staying Connected
Communicating with the often-absent physician in the family can be a real challenge. The Spring 2015 issue of Physician Family focused on effective communication – but sometimes, the best advice is from people who’ve been there. The issue’s “You Have Questions – We Have Answers” feature offers several excellent suggestions:

Managing Malpractice: Tips We Hope You Will Never Need
By Julia, Rebecca, Mary and Wayne Sotile
Yesterday we posted a story from the Winter 2015 issue of Physician Family which focused on the timeline of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Today we’re following up with a more personalized piece about the emotional and psychological toll a malpractice suit can take on a doctor and his or her family, with practical tips on how to cope from our friends at the Sotile Center for Physician Resilience.

You Have Questions — We Have Answers!
Things to Improve and Things that Work
One of the best things about being able to communicate with members of physicians’ families who have “been there” is the opportunity to learn from them. Physician Family’s Q&A feature provides that opportunity in every issue, and in the winter 2015 issue there are some outstanding sugggestions about ways to improve your lives as physician families – from people who know!

More Than Married
By Julia, Mary and Wayne Sotile
Here’s something sometimes forgotten in medical families – you don’t necessarily have to wear the white coat to be valuable in the relationship. As always, the Sotiles offer practical advice for maintaining a sense of self-worth in a medical relationship, in the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family.

Timely Holiday Connections
By Ilene Bosscher
As various holidays approach, medical families will once again deal with the periodic absence of the doctor in the family at festive events. In this article, which appears in the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family, family therapist Ilene Bosscher offers up several methods for dealing with holiday disappointment.

You Have Questions – We Have Answers
In the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family, a professional offers advice on how to manage holiday disappointment when the doctor can’t be home for family activities. But we also asked our readers how they handle it, and their advice appears here:

The Resilient Medical Family – Extraordinary Challenges for Exceptional People
By Julia, Mary and Wayne Sotile
Learn more about The Resilient Medical Family in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY. Please share this important article with every physician family you know!

Significant Other Organizations
A Much Needed Resource for Medical Families
By Vina Lybbert
Significant Other Organizations – Valuable resource for ‪‎medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

How to Network with the American Medical Association Alliance
By Julie Newman
How to Network with AMA Alliance and other medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

The Art of Pivoting Physician Burnout to Physician Wellness….and how it will positively impact the entire family!
By Maria Lesetz
Because medical families are at risk for burnout, read “Pivoting Physician Burnout to Physician Wellness” in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY!

Toss or Keep – How to Manage “Mount Paperwork”
By Julie Newman

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