Physician Family Magazine articles:

Communicating Your Wishes About End-of-Life Health Care Planning: A Primer
by Jessie Martine Smith Nibley, Esquire
Sometimes we need to communicate things to our loved ones which make us uncomfortable – this is especially true about what we’d like them to do if something happens to us. This outstanding primer about end of life health care wishes was written by a Philadelphia area attorney who’s also married to a physician.

Do We Really Need to Get a Lawyer for This?
By Janet Mayers Bausch, Esq.
The Winter 2015 issue of Physician Family, which is available live now on our home page, focuses on some of the legal issues that will be faced by our medical families – like when, exactly, DO we need to call in a lawyer?

Medical Liability Timeline: Is There a Medical Malpractice Trial in Your Future?
By Janet Meyers Bausch, Esquire
Sadly, most physicians (and their families) will be faced with the professional and personal trauma of a medical malpractice lawsuit at some point in their lives. Knowing what to expect helps. The Winter 2015 issue of Physician Family features several pieces about malpractice, including this one, which lays out the nuts and bolts of what happens once a suit is filed.

Managing Malpractice: Tips We Hope You Will Never Need
By Julia, Rebecca, Mary and Wayne Sotile
Yesterday we posted a story from the Winter 2015 issue of Physician Family which focused on the timeline of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Today we’re following up with a more personalized piece about the emotional and psychological toll a malpractice suit can take on a doctor and his or her family, with practical tips on how to cope from our friends at the Sotile Center for Physician Resilience.

Protecting Your Assets from Medical Liability Risk: A Legal Complexity
By Cami Pond

Asset Protection Basics — Titling Can Make the Difference
By Paul Vogel

Navigating Employment Contract Negotiations
By Kayce Clark, JD
Each spring, fellows and residents start looking for “real” jobs as they complete training. Prospective contracts must be thoroughly checked out by a professional – it’s too important to try it on your own. The Winter 2015 issue of Physician Family features important information about the process, as did the first issue of Physician Family.

Toss or Keep – How to Manage “Mount Paperwork”
By Julie Newman

What Should We Look for in an Employment Contract
By Jan Bausch
As more doctors become employed, here’s what to look for in Physician Employment Contracts in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY!

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