Physician Family Magazine articles:

Physician Family Travel – Focus on Chicago
by Donna Baver Rovito
Chicago is the home of many physician organizations – the AMA, the AOA, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Surgeons, to mention only a few, so Chicago is also home to MANY medical conferences, conventions, etc. It’s a great place to go with the physician in the family because there’s so much to do – and the Spring 2015 issue of Physician Family explores them, just in time for spring and summer meetings!

Going to Conferences with Your Doctor – Focus on SAN FRANCISCO!
By Donna Baver Rovito
If you have an opportunity to travel to a medical conference as a physician family, you’ll need lots of fun things to do while the doctor is actually attending the conference – so Physician Family is highlighting a city per issue. The Winter 2015 issue highlights SAN FRANCISCO!

Physician Family Travel – Going to Conferences with Your Doctor
Focus on DALLAS
By Moira Muldoon
Traveling to medical conferences, courses, CME’s, etc., is a marvelous way to visit fascinating places with the doctor in the family. The Fall 2015 issue of Physician Family features a terrific piece about Dallas, a popular location for medical meetings!

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