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Physician Family Magazine Articles:

Talking Through the Training Rollercoaster
by Sara Pralle Peterson
So when CAN you have a conversation with the medical student in your life? Here are some practical tips to stay connected during the training years, in the Spring 2015 issue of Physician Family.

Budgeting Tips for Medical Students
By Kerri Zelenik Burton
Pinching pennies while the soon-to-be-doctor in the family is in medical school is difficult. This article in the Fall 2014 issue of Physician Family features some hints that might help.

Top 10 Tips for Living with a Medical Student
By Sara Peterson
Top 10 tips for living with a medical student in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY. LOTS more to read – check it out and please share this with physician families you know!

Understanding Student Loans
By Tarryn Penn
Learn what you need to know about “Understanding Student Loans” in the first issue of PHYSICIAN FAMILY!

Significant Other Organizations – A Much Needed Resource for Medical Families
By Vina Lybbert
Significant Other Organizations – Valuable resource for ‪medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

How to Network with the American Medical Association Alliance
By Julie Newman
How to Network with ‪AMAAlliance and other medical families in the first issue of Physician Family!

Physician Family Blog Posts: 

(1/7/15) Budgeting During Residency

(1/24/14) Real Estate Decisions for the Medical Family

(12/10/14) Surviving Medical Training…It’s a Family Affair

(10/29/14) Residency Survival: Lessons Learned

(10/22/14) Starting a Family in Residency

(8/13/14) How to Live Frugally During the Training Years (and Beyond)

(8/6/14) The Art of the Medical Move

(7/31/14) Be Flexible and Avoid Resentment

(7/24/14) So You Married a Physician…

(6/26/14) Intern Year: It gets better

(7/10/14) PGY What?

(6/26/14) Intern Year: It gets better

(6/5/14) Our “normal” isn’t everybody else’s “normal”

Resources from AMA:

For Match 2015, members of the AMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) communicated with students and offered guidance during Match Week. And their support didn’t end there. Now that the Match has ended, the AMA-RFS asked students to send the most pressing questions they’d like residents to answer via Facebook. We reviewed each question from your peers and have compiled the best resident responses, so you can make the most of this new chapter in your medical career.

Other Resources:

Notification of new content also appears on the Physician Family Facebook page.

Additionally, the American Medical Association Alliance, a nationwide network of medical families and publisher of Physician Family, offers networking opportunities for new residents and their families through the Physician-in-Training Family Network.

Membership for residents, fellows and their family members is only $10 per year and now includes mailed hard copies of Physician Family as a member benefit.

Additional resources are posted on the AMA Alliance Facebook page.

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