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Journey of Medicine: Medical School

Physician Family Magazine Articles:

8 Ways to Build Community in Medical School
By Jess Short

Mentorship: A Lifeline for Struggling Medical Students
By Lauren Engel

Transitions in a Medical Career
By Ilene Bosscher

Focusing on the Four Stages of Life in Medicine and Surviving Medical School Together
By Sara Peterson

Do You Vow to Love Me Through “The Match?”
By Monique Chambers, MD, MSL and Kemi Tomobi, MD

What Single GME Accreditation Could Mean for Residency Matches
By Tanya Albert Henry

My Top Ten Tips for Loving Medical School
By Pamela Wible, MD

Thank You
By Jordyn Paradis Hagar

The Value of Connecting
By Julie Newman

A Medical Student Family’s Worst Nightmare – Not Matching
By Stacie Oppong

Parents Taking Advantage of Low Interest Rates to Refinance Children’s Education Debt
By Matt Carter

Ten Strategies for Saving Our Medical Students
By Pamela Wible, MD

Who's Coming to Dinner?
By Angelic Rodgers

Challenges Facing a Foreign Medical Student Who Would Like to Train in the United States
By Yohannes Mengistu

Balancing Life, Medical School, Residency and a Relationship
By Kevin Dwyer

Physician Family Book Review – Love in the Time of Medical School
By Angelic Rodgers

Why Aren't Young Black Men Choosing Medicine?
By Donna Baver Rovito

The Non Traditional Medical Student Roller Coaster
By Angela and Everett Kalcec

Three Ways Technology is Changing Medical Education
By Robert Wah, MD

Talking Through the Training Rollercoaster
by Sara Pralle Peterson

Budgeting Tips for Medical Students
By Kerri Zelenik Burton

Top 10 Tips for Living with a Medical Student
By Sara Peterson

Understanding Student Loans
By Tarryn Penn

Significant Other Organizations – A Much Needed Resource for Medical Families
By Vina Lybbert

How to Network with the American Medical Association Alliance
By Julie Newman

Physician Family Blog Posts: 



3/30/18 - May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor!
By Rachel Pyron and Angelic Rodgers

7/26/17 - The Making of a Medical Family
By Emily Loeb

5/5/17 - Expectations before joining a medical school and the reality after that
By Dr. Yohannes Mengistu

11/30/16 - How to Cope with the Stress and Final Struggle in Medical School – and to Enjoy the Excitement After it.
By Dr. Yohannes Mengistu (internship)

10/12/16 Micro Mayhem and Middle of the Night Conversations – 2:54 AM
By Carly Huegelmann-Robertson

3/23/16 - On Medical Match Day, wishing the spouses well
By Moira Muldoon

12/2/15 - The Learning Curve in Dating Medicine
By Kevin Dwyer

10/21/15 - Learn As We Go
By Shannon Smith Gonzalez

10/7/15 - To the Significant Other of a First Year Medical Student
By Jessica Mahon

7/3/14 - Next Chapter: PGY1 Neurosurgery
By Briana Wessell

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